Table 5.

Material properties of the solid soil matrix and gas and liquid phases

Solid soil matrix (Bentonite)Saturated/intrinsic permeability, kij (m2)3.40E−21
Dry density, ρd (kg m−3)1560
Maximum degree of saturation, Sws1
Residual degree of Saturation, Swr0.05
Porosity, n4.40E−01
Young's Modulus, E (MPa)307
Poisson ratio, ν0.4
Bulk Modulus of bentonite, Ks (Pa)2.0E + 08
Compression Index, 1/Ks(Pa−1)5.00E−09
Volume-surface mean diameter, Dvs (m) calculated based on equation (23)1.50E−09
Initial tortuosity, τ0.69
Gas (Helium)Density, ρg (kg m−3)pgMRT
Dynamic Viscosity @ 293.15 K (Pa s)2.0E−05
Bulk Modulus of helium, Kg (Pa)pg
Henry's Coefficient, H0.0091
Diffusivity of helium in water (m2 s−1)6.29E−09
Diameter of helium gas particle, dhe (m)1.0E−10
Liquid (Water)Density, ρw (kg m−3)1000
Dynamic Viscosity @ 293.15 K (Pa s)0.001
Bulk Modulus of water, Kw (Pa)2.2E + 09
Compression Index, 1/Kw (Pa−1)4.55E−10