Table 1.

Functional forms of liquid density, viscosity, average thermal conductivity, average heat capacity and liquid suction

Fluid densityρl=ρ0(1+α(PTP0T)β(TT0))α, β, P0T and T0 are constants.
Fluid viscosityμ=μ0eδ1(TT0)T0, μ0 and δ1 are constants.
Average thermal conductivity of the rock and fluidΓa=φΓl+(1φ)ΓsThe thermal conductivity of the rock, Γs and the liquid Γl, are both assumed constants.
Average heat capacity of the rock and fluid(ρc)a=φρlcl+(1φ)ρscsWhere the rock density ρs, and the specific heat capacities for the rock and the fluid (i.e. cs, cl, respectively) are assumed to be constant.
Liquid suctionΨ=PcapWhere Pcap is the capillary pressure given as: Pcap = PaPT. Here, Pa is the air pressure (assumed atmospheric) and PT is the total pressure (in the liquid phase).