Table A1.

Chronological order of recorded material donated to Haslemere Museum

Jan 1925Lucy Isabella Webb (née Geikie). Daughter. Recorded as objects presented during 1925. Reported 23 January 1926 in Haslemere Museum Notes of the Haslemere Herald newspaper.Donation of large geological map of Haslemere district and many geological specimens from the late Sir Archibald Geikie's collection, including threads of volcanic glass from Hawaii. Also, eight books on geology by Sir Archibald Geikie. These are the earliest known records of Geikie material donated to the Museum.
March 1926Lucy Isabella Webb (née Geikie). Daughter. Recorded as presentations to the Museum in 1926. Reported 19 March 1927 in Haslemere Museum Notes of the Haslemere Herald newspaper.Donation of a painting in watercolour by Sir Archibald Geikie of Glen Sannox, in the Isle of Arran, Buteshire. (Exhibited in the Geology Gallery, Haslemere Museum in the 1920s.)
January 1953Museum Daybook Entry: Mrs Behrens (Gabrielle Jeanne Geikie, daughter) of Fernhust, Surrey.Collection of Sir Archibald Geikie's ‘sketch books’ (field notebooks).
17 June 1953Museum Daybook Entry: MDE:53077. Harold Stewart Geikie (uncle to Sir Archibald Geikie).‘Collection of 19th century school books etc Copybooks etc’ – relating to Archibald Geikie. The copybooks are the 36 outbound Copy Letter Books (1869–1917).
1959Haslemere Museum Annual Report for 1959. Under the Gifts & Acquisitions section. Harold Jacob Behrens (brother–in-law).Collection of decorations and medals awarded to the late Sir Archibald Geikie.
20 May 1994Museum Daybook Entry: 1994DB12 and HEM Annual Report for 1994. Derick Behrens (grandson).Collection of geological books associated with Sir Archibald Geikie, numbering some 55 volumes. A silhouette portrait of Harold Geikie. Dated 28 November 1898.
April 2011Museum Daybook Entry: 2011DB13. Maureen Begg donation.Donation of three photographic albums relating to the Geikie family from a house attic in Seaford, Sussex. They cover the period 1897–1912 and record various places across England and Scotland.