Table 1.

Wells shown along the regional cross-section (Fig. 5)

WellAdaiyah-1/Mityaha-1/Khleisia-1Atshan-1Maqlub-1Shaikan-6Atrush-3East Swara Tika-1Z, 1YGara-1 and Gara-1ZCepkenli-1A (SE Turkey)
Start of drilling operations1936/1978/195819542013201120132013 and 201520121982
Structural domainForeland Folded ZoneForeland Folded ZoneForeland Folded ZoneUplifted Folded ZoneUplifted Folded ZoneUplifted Folded ZoneUplifted Folded ZoneAllochthonous Zone
Datum elevation (m above sea level)380457460525990132312502650
Total depth (m below datum)52323448454035451806403538474021
Formation (age) at total depthKhabour (Ordovician)Chai Zairi (Permian)n/an/an/aGeli Khana (Triassic)Khabour (Ordovician)n/a
DataFormation topsFormation topsNone (location only)None (location only)None (location only)Formation tops and dipmeter dataFormation tops and dipmeter dataNone (location only)
Source(s)van Bellen et al. (1959); Al-Sheikhly (1980); Jassim & Goff (2006); Aqrawi et al. (2010)Jassim & Goff (2006); Aqrawi et al. (2010)n/an/an/aProprietaryProprietaryn/a
CommentsPre-Jurassic stratigraphy from Mityaha-1 and Khleisia-1Deviated wellDeviated well
  • The wells are listed from south (left) to north (right). At the Adaiyah-1 well location, the thickness of Triassic and older stratigraphy is taken from the Mityaha-1 and Khleisia-1 wells in the Foreland Zone, which are 70 and 140 km further SW, respectively.