Table 3.

Facies associations of the Rhaetian deltaic system and their reservoir quality

Facies associationIndividual reservoirsCompound reservoirs
TypeNet-thicknessPorosity (ϕ) (M)Permeability (k) (M)Target
Delta plainWetlandNo reservoirs
Sheetsand0.2–1 mStacked sheetsands2–15 m23.2%239 mDNo
Distributary channel5–25 mChannel belt7–56 m19.7%602 mDYes
Levee/crevasse splay complex5–15 m
Interdistributary bayNo reservoirs
Delta frontTerminal distributary channel5–10 mDistributary–mouth bar5–25 m22.3%688 mDYes
Mouth bar2–10 m
ProdeltaProdelta, proximalNo reservoirs
Prodelta, distalNo reservoirs
  • M, mean.