Table 1.

Classification scheme used in assessing confidence that a cone extracted from Bedmap2 (Fretwell et al. 2013) can be interpreted as a volcano

Confidence assessment criterionDataset/sourceConfidence score
(1) Distance to nearest raw ice-thickness measurementFigure 3 in Fretwell et al. (2013)>15 km5–15 km<5 km
(2) Expression in ice-surface DEM overlying identified subglacial coneBedmap2 ice-surface DEM: Fretwell et al. (2013)No expressionAssociated but off-centre anomalyDirect overlying anomaly
(3) Expression in MODIS imagery of the ice surface overlying the identified subglacial coneMODIS Mosaic of Antarctica: Scambos et al. (2007)No expressionWeak expressionClear expression
(4) Magnetic anomaly dataADMAP: Kim et al. (2007)No anomalyWeak anomalyClear anomaly
(5) Gravity anomaly dataStudinger et al. (2002); Damiani et al. (2014); Scheinert et al. (2016)No anomalyWeak anomalyClear anomaly
  • Full scores are given in Table 2.