Table 2.

Oxygen isotope composition of Law Dome ice and meltwater samples

Ice or water sampleOxygen isotope δ18O (‰)Age
1985 SGLOF water (average value) stage 2−24.2 to −23.8Glacial–Holocene transition
2014 SGLOF water (stage 1)−28.3 to −25.1Glacial
BHC2 basal 50 m
2014 SGLOF water (stage 2)−24.5 to −23.0Glacial–Holocene transition
BHC2 8 m thick
2014 SGLOF water (stage 3)−22.9 to −22.0Early Holocene
BHC2 17 m thick
Løken Moraines ice−23.9 to −20.6Glacial–Holocene transition
Ice margin ramp
(seaward of the moraines)
−20 to −16Holocene
Basal regelation ice−24 to −16Glacial–Holocene transition
Law Dome BHQ−22 to −20Holocene
Law Dome summit
(10-year average)
−22 to −20
(−22.5 to −21)
Local precipitation at ice margin (BHC2)−20 to −16
−16 to −13 (snowmelt)
Late Holocene