Table 2.

Role of the user in generations of modelling software

GenerationDateDescriptionRole of user
1st1950sNumerical solutions to algebraic equationsUser is dedicated professional who is also an innovator and developer.
2nd1960sProject-customized modelling and development of modelling groupsUser is member of dedicated modelling group who innovate and develop model.
3rd1970s and 1980sIntroduction of modelling systems. Modelling as a service by specialized centresUser need not be an innovator or developer, but is likely to work with experts.
4th1980s, 2000sCommercial software tools as packaged products, including help and supportUser trained by model owner/agent and pays for support. User supported by pre- and post-processing tools. Reduction in required knowledge by user.
5th2010sDevelopment of hydroinformatics systems (1991), software as a service (2006, 2009)Limited knowledge of software by user – but freedom constrained by developer.