Table 5.

Elements in integrated environmental models (Lu & Piasecki 2012)

(iv) Geospatial context
Chesapeake Community Modelling
(v) Monolithic code framework
Weather Research and
(vi) Generic component-based modelling framework
Community Surface Dynamics Modelling
Partnership for Research Infrastructures in Earth Systems ModellingValke et al. (2006)
Earth System Modelling
(vii) Coupling frameworks
Modular Modelling SystemLeavesley et al. (1996)
Object Modelling SystemDavid et al. (2004)
ModCom modular simulation systemHillyer et al. (2003)
Community Hydrologic Modelling Platform
Dynamic Information Architecture SystemCampbell & Hummel (1998)
Open Modelling
Interactive Component Modelling
The Invisible Modelling
Spatial Modeling EnvironmentMaxwell & Costanza (1997)
Next-generation Framework for Aquatic Modelling of the Earth SystemLakhankar et al. (2008)
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