Table 1.

Collected specimens

Collection No.Stratigraphic position (m)Elements preservedArticulationLanding modeReferencesTaxonFigure reference
PMO 222.65544.8Almost completeArticulatedDorsal, then lateral torsionUnder studyIFigure 4a
PMO 222.65839.1Forefin, pectoral girdle, vertebraeDisarticulatedUnknownUnder studyIFigure 8d
PMO 224.24838.5Skull, forefins, pectoral girdle, vertebraeArticulatedVentralUnder studyPeFigure 5a
PMO 222.66530.4VertebraePartly articulatedUnknownI
PMO 219.71829.3Almost completeArticulatedDorsalKnutsen et al. (2012b)Pe: Spitrasaurus wensaasiFigures 3b and 4e
PMO 212.662/SVB 145227.0Partial skull, phalanges, vertebraePartly articulatedDorsalPeFigures 3d and 7c
PMO 222.67122.5Forefin, pectoral girdle, vertebraePartly articulatedUnknownPeFigure 5b
PMO 214.57820.8Almost completeArticulatedAnterior, then twisted laterallyDruckenmiller et al. (2012)I: Cryopterygius kristiansenaeFigures 3a and 4b
PMO 224.25019Forefins, pectoral girdlePartly articulatedVentralUnder studyIFigure 5d
PMO 224.25119Forefins, girdle elements, vertebrae, hindfinPartly articulatedDorsalIFigure 5c
SVB 145017.8Partial skull, forefin, vertebraePartly articulatedVentralKnutsen et al. (2012b)Pe: Spitrasaurus larseniFigure 7d
PMO 222.67217.5Vertebra, pelvic girdleDisarticulatedUnknownPeFigure 8e
PMO 222.67317VertebraeDisarticulatedUnknownPe
PMO 224.24716.5Forefins, girdle elements, vertebraePartly articulatedVentralPeFigure 6d
PMO 222.66915.5Skull, vertebrae, pectoral girdle, forefinPartly articulatedAnterior, then twisted laterallyUnder studyIFigures 3c and 7e
PMO 222.67014.5Hindfins, vertebrae, pelvic girdleArticulatedLeft lateralUnder studyIFigure 4c
PMO 222.66314Forefins, pectoral girdle, vertebrae, hindfinsPartly articulatedVentralUnder studyPeFigure 7f
PMO 214.13514Partial skull, vertebrae, humerus, phalanges, coracoidPartly articulatedDorsalKnutsen et al. (2012d)Pi: Pliosaurus funkeiFigure 6f
PMO 214.13614Partial skull, vertebraeDisarticulatedUnknownKnutsen et al. (2012d)Pi: Pliosaurus funkei
PMO 216.86314Forefin, pectoral girdle, vertebrae, pelvic girdle, hindfinPartly articulatedUnknownPe
PMO 216.83814Hindfins, vertebrae, pelvic girdle, phalangesPartly articulatedUnknownKnutsen et al. (2012a); Liebe & Hurum (2012)Pe: Colymbosaurus svalbardensisFigure 6c
SVB 145111.8Skull, ribs, vertebrae, phalanges, claviclePartly articulatedDorsalDruckenmiller et al. (2012)I: Palvennia hoybergetiFigure 6e
PMO 222.66811.8Vertebrae, pelvic girdleDisarticulatedUnknownPeFigure 8c
PMO 222.6599.5SkullDisarticulatedUnknownI
PMO 216.8397Almost completePartly articulatedVentralKnutsen et al. (2012c); Liebe & Hurum (2012)Pe: Djupedalia engeriFigure 6a
PMO 224.2527Partial skull, ribsPartly articulatedDorsalUnder studyIFigure 5e
PMO 222.662−0.2Pelvic girdle, femur, tail bendPartly articulatedUnknownIFigure 7b
PMO 224.166−0.2Humerus, vertebraeDisarticulatedUnknownIFigures 3e and 8a
PMO 222.654−4Partial skull, appendicular skeleton, vertebraePartly articulatedRight ventrolateralRoberts et al. (2014)I: Janusaurus lundiFigure 6b
PMO 222.664−4.4Propodial, vertebraeDisarticulatedUnknownPeFigure 8b
PMO 222.667−7Partial skull, vertebrae, pectoral girdle, forefinPartly articulatedVentralRoberts et al. (2014); under studyIFigure 7a
PMO 214.452−8Forefins, hindfins, pelvic girdle, vertebraeDisarticulatedVentralUnder studyPeFigures 3f and 8f
PMO 222.666−11VertebraeDisarticulatedUnknownPe
PMO 218.377−31 to −22 or −15 to −11Propodial, hindfinPartly articulatedUnknownAndreassen (2004); Knutsen et al. (2012a)Pe: Colymbosaurus svalbardensis
PMO 224.249−51Partial skull, vertebrae, partial finDisarticulatedUnknownI
PMO 222.657UnknownVertebraeArticulatedUnknownPe
PMO 222.660UnknownVertebraeDisarticulatedUnknownI
PMO A27745UnknownHindfins, pelvic girdle, vertebraeArticulatedDorsalPersson (1962); Andreassen (2004); Knutsen et al. (2012a)Pe: Colymbosaurus svalbardensisFigure 4d
  • Slottsmøya Member marine reptile specimens collected 2004–2012 in stratigraphic order. Stratigraphic position measured above or below (−) the yellow layer (see sedimentary log in Fig. 2). I, ichthyosaur; Pe, plesiosauroid; Pi, pliosaurid. Figure references are to figures in this paper.