Table 1.

Details of tracks shown in Figure 5

Track numberWidth (cm)Length (cm)TypeCommentsMorphotype
Area 1
12420PesThree distinct claw impressionsA
22520PesLike track 1A
33633Pes?Questionable track, not included in the study
4?20PesOnly two toes visibleA
51922PesPoorly preservedA
6?28PesOnly two toes visibleA
720PesOnly two toes visibleA
Area 2
83541PesLarge ornithopod; clear print; part of ‘left’ toe coveredC
9??Pes?Dimensions uncertain, simple oblong shapeC
Area 3
10*c. 30c. 24PesDimensions uncertain; right footA
11*3330PesLeft footA
12*3126PesRight footA
14*1312ManusBetween prints 11 and 12B
152524PesApproximate measureA
16??ManusDimensions uncertainB
17*??ManusDimensions uncertain; behind print 10B
192825PesIn line with print 18, next in sequence? missing ‘heel’A
20??ManusSplit by crackB
21*911ManusFurthest back in trackway?B
22c. 36c. 30Pes?Questionable track, not included in the study
23??Pes?Simple oblong shapeA
Area 4
262826PesMissing ‘right’ toeA
2724c. 22PesPoorly definedA
282524PesHard to define toesA
Area 5 – Edwards et al. (1978) tracks
302930PesGood track with clear metatarsal padA
31129ManusAssociated with pes 29 and 32B
322826PesClear trackA
332626PesDeep; small but with good claw impressions; ‘heel’-sliding?A
341110ManusNot as well definedB
  • *Part of the same trackway.