Table 2.

Actinopterygian fauna of the London Clay Formation

TaxonType/relevant specimenSpecimensLocalityLondon Clay Divisions
  Acipenser toliapicus Woodward, 1889aNHMUK PV P 3372, P 3372a, P 529, P 37762, P 24619, P 44093MultipleSheppeyX
  Acipenser sp.Private collectionMultipleSheppeyXXxXx
  *Lehmanamia sheppeyensis Casier, 1966MNHN PTE 11SingleSheppeyx
  Pycnodus toliapicus Agassiz, 1839OUMNH P 3759MultipleSheppeyx
  Pycnodus bowerbanki Egerton, 1877NHMUK PV OR 38824SingleSheppeyx
  Pycnodus sp.NHMUK PV P 3783MultipleSheppey, Swanwickx
  *Protarpon priscus (Woodward, 1901)NHMUK PV OR 36070MultipleSheppeyx
  Protarpon cf. priscusNHMUK PV P 4153SingleSheppeyx
  Protarpon oblongus (Woodward, 1901)NHMUK PV P 634SingleSheppeyx
  *Promegalops signeuxae Casier, 1966MNHN PTE 9SingleSheppeyx
  Promegalops sheppeyensis Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 9192SingleSheppeyxXx
  *Esocelops cavifrons Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV P 1749MultipleSheppeyXxXx
  *Elops sp.NHMUK PV OR 39443, P 1762MultipleSheppeyx
  *Albula oweni (Owen, 1845)NHMUK PV P 9158MultipleSheppey, Bognor RegisxxXx
  *Echelus branchialis (Woodward, 1901)NHMUK PV P 633MultipleSheppeyXXxXx
  *Brychaetus muelleri Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV P 3893MultipleSheppey, Chalk Hill TunnelxxxXx
  cf. Heterosteoglossum sp.NHMUK PV P 65206SingleAveley QuarryX
  Osteoglossidae indet.NHMUK PV P 66354SingleSheppeyxxxx
  Clupeiformes indet.NHMUK PV P 47286, P 61527MultipleSheppey, Burnham-on-CrouchxXXx
  *Halecopsis insignis (Delvaux & Ortlieb, 1888)IRSNB P 00143-5MultiplePrimrose Hill, Highgate Archway, Sheppey,
  Bucklandium diluvii König, 1825NHMUK PV P 9230SingleSheppeyx
  *Aulopopsis egertoni Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 9410SingleSheppeyx
  *Aulopopsis depressifrons Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 26712MultipleSheppey,
Aveley Quarry (B2)
  *Labrophagus esocinus Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 621MultipleSheppeyx
  *Argillichthys toombsi Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 42519Single?Sheppeyx
  *Whitephippus tamesis Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 6479MultipleSheppeyx
  Whitephippus sp.NHMUK PV OR 35057SingleSheppeyx
  *Rhinocephalus planiceps Casier, 1966NHMUK PV OR 47985MultipleSheppey, Herne BayXxXx
  Trichiurides sagittidens Winkler, 1874IRSNB P 00264MultipleSheppey, Bognor RegisXxXx
  *Argilloberyx prestwichae Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 12944SingleSouthend-on-Seax
  *Naupygus bucklandi Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 1764MultipleSheppeyx
  *Paraberyx bowerbanki Casier, 1966NHMUK PV OR 38912SingleSheppeyx
  *Sciaenuropsis turneri Casier, 1966
(including ‘Myripristis toliapicus’)
NHMUK PV P 644aMultipleSheppeyx
  *Ampheristus toliapicus König, 1825NHMUK PV P 9432MultipleSheppeyxxXx
  cf. Ramphosus sp.NHMUK PV P 60896SingleSheppey (Warden Point)X
  *Eutrichiurides winkleri Casier, 1946IRSNB P 00320, P 00324-9MultipleHighgate Archway,
Herne Bay,
Bognor Regis
  *Progempylus edwardsi Casier, 1966NHMUK PV OR 32388SingleSheppeyx
  ?GempylidaeNHMUK PV OR 41318SingleSheppeyx
  *Scombrinus nuchalis Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV P 4148MultipleSheppey,
Primrose Hill
  Gymnosarda prisca Monsch, 2000NHMUK PV P 6485SingleSheppeyx
  Gymnosarda sp.NHMUK PV P 1773bSingleSheppeyx
  cf. Gymnosarda sp.NHMUK PV P 4546SingleSheppeyx
  Sardini incertae sedisNHMUK PV P 9459SingleSheppeyx
  Sardini incertae sedisNHMUK PV P 45150SingleSheppeyx
  Thunnini incertae sedisNHMUK PV P 4300SingleSheppeyx
  aff. AcanthocybiumNHMUK PV P 27010SingleSheppeyx
  Palaeocybium proosti (Storms, 1897)IRSNB P 00396SingleSheppeyx
  Acanthocybiinae incertae sedisNHMUK PV OR 241686c, P 38883MultipleSheppeyx
  *Eocoelopoma colei Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV P 623aMultipleSheppeyx
  *Eocoelopoma curvatum Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV OR 44877aMultipleSheppey,
Hampstead Tunnel
  *Eocoelopoma gigas Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV OR 39221MultipleSheppeyx
  Eocoelopoma sp.NHMUK PV P 29983, P 26706MultipleSheppey,
Bognor Regis
  *Tamesichthys decipiens Casier, 1966NHMUK PV OR 41319SingleSheppeyx
  *Duplexdens macropomus (Agassiz, 1844)MNHN PTE 10MultipleSheppeyxxXx
  ?Duplexdens sp.NHMUK PV OR 38903SingleSheppeyx
  *Micrornatus hopwoodi (Casier, 1966)NHMUK PV OR 36136SingleSheppeyx
  *Scombramphodon crassidens Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV OR 1779MultipleSheppeyxXxXx
  *Sphyraenodus priscus Agassiz, 1844NHMUK PV P 3957MultipleSheppeyx
  *Wetherellus cristatus Casier, 1966NHMUK PV OR 28498MultipleSheppeyx
  *Woodwardella patellifrons Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 26903SingleSheppeyx
  Sphyraena bognorensis Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 29984-5MultipleBognor Regis (lower fish tooth bed)X
  *Teratichthys antiquitatis König, 1825NHMUK PV OR 28760SingleSheppeyx
  *Eothynnus salmoneus Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV P 623MultipleSheppeyxXx
  *Xiphiorhynchus priscus (Agassiz, 1844)MNHN PTE 747MultipleSheppey,
Herne Bay
  ‘Makaira’ sp.NHMUK PV OR 30798SingleSheppeyx
  Xiphioidei incertae sedisNHMUK PV P 21306SingleSheppeyx
  Aglyptorhynchus sulcatus (Casier, 1946)IRSNB P 00315MultipleSheppey,
Bognor Regis
  Aglyptorhynchus venablesi Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 26157MultipleSheppey, Bognor Regis (lower fish tooth bed)XxXx
  *Enniskillenus radiatus Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 646MultipleSheppeyXXxXx
  Rotundorhynchus brittanicus Monsch, 2005NHMUK PV P 1765MultipleSheppeyx
  Acestrus ornatus Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV P 627MultipleSheppeyxxxXx
  Plesioserranus cf. wemmeliensisNHMUK PV OR 35771SingleSheppeyx
  *Laparon alticeps Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 620SingleSheppeyx
  *Sciaenurus bowerbanki Agassiz, 1845NHMUK PV P 3975MultipleSheppey,
Bognor Regis
  Podocephalus nitidus Casier, 1966NHMUK PV OR 37760MultipleSheppeyx
  *Podocephalus curryi Casier, 1966NHMUK PV OR 35697SingleSheppeyXxXx
  *Beerichthys ingens Casier, 1966NHMUK PV OR 43105MultipleSheppeyXxXx
  Beerichthys sp.NHMUK PV P 26799SingleSheppeyx
  *Triodon antiquus Leriche, 1905IRSNB P 00590-00606, P 00644MultipleSheppeyx
  *Tetraodontiformes n. gen. et sp.NHMUK PV P 63336SingleAveley QuarryX
 Acanthomorpha incertae sedis
  *Percostoma angustum Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 639SingleSheppeyx
  Pseudosphaerodon antiquus Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 164MultipleSheppeyxXx
  Egertonia isodonta Cocchi, 1866NHMUK PV OR 38814MultipleSheppeyx
  Phyllodus toliapicus Agassiz, 1839OUMNH lostMultipleSheppey,
  Bramoides brieni Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 6481MultipleSheppeyx
  Goniocranion arambourgi Casier, 1966NHMUK PV P 9478aMultipleSheppeyx
  *Serranopsis londinensis Casier, 1966NHMUK PV OR 36135SingleSheppeyx
incertae sedis
  Congorhynchus? elliotti (Casier, 1966)NHMUK PV P 21304MultipleSheppeyxXx
  Cylindracanthus rectus (Dixon, 1850)NHMUK PV OR 25859MultipleSheppey,
  • Stratigraphic distributions largely from Casier (1966) and Rayner et al. (2009). Occurrences marked by ‘X’ are definitive, while those indicated by ‘x’ are less certain. Horizon occurrences as marked represent those taken cumulatively across all geographical localities, rather than individual sites. Taxa marked with ‘*’ are known from relatively intact skulls. ‘’ preceding holotype specimen information indicates that type not from the London Clay Formation. Dates of publication in Agassiz (1833–44) follow Brown (in Woodward & Sherborn 1890).