Table 1.

Actinopterygian fauna of the Chalk Group

TaxonType/relevant specimenSpecimensProvinceCenom.Turon.Con.San.Ca.
 Chondrostei incertae sedis
  Pholidurus disjectus Woodward, 1889aNHMUK PV OR 33221-4SingleSouthernx
  ‘Lepidotespustulatus Woodward, 1895aNHMUK PV P 6201a-cMultipleSouthernX
  *Lophiostomus dixoni Egerton, 1852NHMUK PV OR 23023MultipleSouthernXXX
  *Neorhombolepis excelsus Woodward, 1888aNHMUK PV OR 43077SingleSouthernX
  Neorhombolepis? punctatus Woodward, 1895aNHMUK PV P 4705MultipleSouthern, NorthernX
  *Tomognathus mordax Dixon, 1850BMB 007225MultipleSouthernxX
  Anomoeodus angustus Agassiz, 1844NHMUK PV P 1616MultipleSouthernXXXXXX
  Anomoeodus pauciseriale Kriwet, 2002BMB 011147SingleSouthern
  Anomoeodus willetti Woodward, 1893bBMB 007270SingleSouthernX
  ‘Coelodusparallelus (Dixon, 1850)BMB 007276a-bSingleSouthernxxx
  ‘Coelodusfimbriatus Woodward, 1893bNHMUK PV OR 43090SingleSouthernX
  ‘Gyroduscretaceus Agassiz, 1844LostMultipleSouthernXXX
  ‘Pycnodusscrobiculatus Reuss, 1844UnknownMultipleSouthernX
  ‘Phacoduspunctatus Dixon, 1850NHMUK PV OR 25829MultipleSouthernxxx
  Acrotemnus faba Agassiz, 1844NHMUK PV OR 4584SingleSouthernxx
  *Protosphyraena ferox Leidy, 1857NHMUK PV OR 4088-9, 4096, 4135MultipleSouthernXXXX
  Protosphyraena compressirostris Woodward, 1895dNHMUK PV P 5631SingleSouthernxxx
  Protosphyraena minor Agassiz, 1844NHMUK PV OR 4078SingleSouthernX
  Rhinconichthys taylori Friedman et al. (2010)NHMUK PV OR 33219SingleSouthern
  Belonostomus cinctus Agassiz, 1844NHMUK PV OR 4266MultipleSouthernXXXX
  Pachyrhizodus basalis Dixon (1850)NHMUK PV OR 49014SingleSouthernXXXXXX
  Pachyrhizodus dibleyi Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV P 9115MultipleSouthernX
  *Pachyrhizodus subulidens (Owen, 1842)SMUC B.9097MultipleSouthern, TransitionalXX
  *Pachyrhizodus magnus (Woodward, 1901)NHMUK PV OR 37981MultipleSouthernx
  *Pachyrhizodus sp.Municipal Museum, Hull (destroyed)SingleNorthernX
  *Elopopsis crassus (Dixon, 1850)BMB 007207MultipleSouthern, Transitional, NorthernxXx
  *Thrissopater megalops Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV OR 49826SingleSouthernx
  *Apsopelix anglicus (Dixon, 1850)NHMUK PV P 611MultipleSouthernXXXX
  Ichthyodectes sp. (Ichthyodectes minor [Egerton, 1850] nomen dubium)NHMUK PV OR 28894MultipleSouthernXXXX
  Prosaurodon sp. (Ichthyodectes elegans Newton, 1877)NHMUK PV OR 41687MultipleSouthernX
  *Ichthyodectes tenuidens Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV OR 49054SingleSouthernX
  Xiphactinus sp. (including X. mantelli [Newton, 1877],
Xiphactinus daviesi [Newton, 1877])
NHMUK PV OR 4066-7 (X. mantelli),
NHMUK PV OR 28388 (X. daviesi)
MultipleSouthern, TransitionalXXXxx
  *‘Saurodonintermedius (Newton, 1878)NHMUK PV OR 47250SingleSouthernx
  Saurocephalidae indet.NHMUK PV P 42017SingleSouthernx
  *Dinelops ornatus Woodward, 1907aNHMUK PV OR 39432MultipleSouthernX
  Protelops anglicus Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV OR 49906MultipleSouthernX
  *Osmeroides lewesiensis (Mantell, 1822)NHMUK PV OR 4294MultipleSouthernXXX
  *Osmeroides levis Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV P 5681MultipleSouthernX
  *Osmeroides latifrons Woodward, 1907aNHMUK PV P 10465MultipleSouthernXX
  *Enchelurus anglicus Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV P 4249MultipleSouthernX
  *Urenchelys anglicus Woodward, 1900aBMB 007246MultipleSouthernxx
  Anogmius ornatus Woodward, 1923Municipal Museum, Hull (destroyed)SingleNorthernX
  Plethodus expansus Dixon (1850)BMB 008254MultipleSouthernXXXX
  Pentanogmius pentagon Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV OR 41716aMultipleSouthernX
  *Dixonanogmius oblongus (Dixon, 1850)BMB 007300MultipleSouthernX
  ‘Protosphyraenastebbingi Woodward, 1909NHMUK PV P 11216MultipleSouthern, NorthernX
  *Diplomystus sp.NHMUK PV P 5695, BIRUG 1580MultipleSouthernx
  *‘Sardinioidesillustrans Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV P 3977SingleSouthernxxxx
  *Acrognathus boops Agassiz, 1844NHMUK PV OR 4304MultipleSouthernxxx
  *Apateodus striatus (Dixon, 1850)NHMUK PV OR 49821MultipleSouthern, TransitionalXXXX
  Apateodus lanceolatus Woodward, 1901NHMUK PV OR 39080MultipleSouthernX
  Prionolepis angustus Egerton, 1850NHMUK PV P 9253MultipleSouthern, TransitionalXX
  *Cimolichthys lewesiensis Leidy, 1857NHMUK PV OR 4039MultipleSouthernXXXXX
  *Halec eurypterygius (Dixon, 1850)BMB 007183MultipleSouthernXXXXX
  *Enchodus lewesiensis (Mantell, 1822)NHMUK PV OR 4004, 4049, 4157, 4160, 4180-1, 4183-4, 4198MultipleSouthernXXXXX
  *Eurypholis pulchellus (Woodward, 1901)NHMUK PV P 1703MultipleSouthernXXXX
  ‘Dercetislatiscutatus Woodward, 1903BMB 007264MultipleSouthernxxx
  *‘Dercetismaximus Woodward, 1903NHMUK PV OR 31075-82SingleSouthernX
  *Leptotrachelus elongatus (Agassiz, 1844)NHMUK PV OR 4132-3MultipleSouthern, TransitionalxxxX
  *Ctenothrissa radians (Agassiz, 1835)NHMUK PV OR 4029MultipleSouthernXXXX
  *Ctenothrissa microcephala (Agassiz, 1835)NHMUK PV OR 4034MultipleSouthernXXXX
  *Aulolepis typus (Agassiz, 1844)NHMUK PV OR 4033MultipleSouthernXxxx
  *‘Aipichthysnuchalis (Dixon, 1850)NHMUK PV OR 25770SingleSouthernX
  *Berycopsis elegans Dixon, 1850BMB 007204MultipleSouthernXXXX
  *Homonotichthys dorsalis (Dixon, 1850)BMB 007210MultipleSouthernXxx
  *Homonotichthys rotundus (Woodward, 1902)NHMUK PV P 315MultipleSouthernX
  *Homonotichthys pulchellus (Dixon, 1850)NHMUK PV OR 25886MultipleSouthernX
  *Caproberyx superbus (Dixon, 1850)NHMUK PV OR 25959MultipleSouthernXX
  *Hoplopteryx lewesiensis (Mantell, 1822)NHMUK PV OR 4014-5MultipleSouthernXXXXX
  *Hoplopteryx macracanthus Patterson, 1964NHMUK PV P 33230MultipleSouthernXXX
  *Hoplopteryx gephyrognathus Patterson, 1964NHMUK PV OR 41104SingleSouthernX
  *Hoploptyerx simus Woodward, 1902NHMUK PV OR 49073MultipleSouthernXX
  *Trachichthyoides ornatus Woodward, 1902NHMUK PV OR 39076SingleSouthernx
  • Stratigraphic distributions largely from Smith Woodward (1902, 1903, 1907a, 1908, 1909, 1911, 1912a). ‘Relevant’ specimens are non-types identified at generic or higher level. Occurrences marked by ‘X’ are definitive, while those indicated by ‘x’ are less certain. Taxa marked with ‘*’ are known from relatively intact skulls. ‘‡’ preceding holotype specimen information indicates that type not from the Chalk Group. Dates of publication in Agassiz (1833–44) follow Brown (in Woodward & Sherborn 1890). Traditional zones are indicated by characters as follows: a, Schloenbachia varians; b, Holoaster subglobosus; c, Actinocamax plenus; d, Rhynchonella cuvieri; e, Terebratulina gracilis; f, Holaster planus; g, Micraster cortestudinarium; h, Micraster coranguinum; i, Uintacrinus socialis; j, Marsupites testudinarius; k, Offaster pilula; l, Gonioteuthis quadrata. Correspondences between these zones and stage-level divisions of the international timescale shown here are inexact (see Fig. 3). Cenom., Cenomanian; Turon., Turonian; Con., Coniacian; San., Santonian; Ca., Campanian.