Table 7.

Summary of input data for melt inclusions in scorias (data from Métrich et al. 2010) and the chosen equilibrium clinopyroxene approaching Putirka's Graphic values (0.28±0.08). Selected clinopyroxene data are from this work. These are input data; the results of the calculations are in Table 8 (see text for details)

ST182 scoria 10a52.31.6215.39.760.313.97.273.634.111.010.0720.2150.40.035599.900.7040.26
ST182 scoria 16c52.41.4215.19.350.263.677.063.453.771.
ST177 scoria 4e50.11.6015.
Cpx St049Rim51.31.033.428.7414.821.3100.60