Table 3.

Average trace element composition of melt inclusions for the analysed eruptive units.

Li (ppm)B (ppm)Rb (ppm)Sr (ppm)Y (ppm)Cs (ppm)Ba (ppm)La (ppm)Ce (ppm)Pr (ppm)Nd (ppm)Sm (ppm)Th (ppm)U (ppm)
Kaharoa (n=12)
Taupo (n=8)
 avg. (n=1)4124nananananananananananana
 avg.* (n=7)4821901172834562144019486
Oruanui (n=9)
Rotoiti (n=9)
Mamaku (n=28)
 Type 1 – avg.75161232430562824496205111
 Type 2 – avg.7216112282855652145518490
 1 σ4113821342301010
Ohakuri (n=51)
 Airfall – avg.63181232430661923485194112
 Type – avg.53171242630461524495194113
 Type 2 – avg.40161063128457622455184102
 Type 3 – avg.41171322430461623495194103
Kaingaroa (n=6)*
Matahina (n=9)
  • Some trace elements for the Mamaku and Ohakuri eruptive deposits are after Bégué et al. (2014). SIMS analyses with a IMS Cameca 6f (Arizona State University); 10 nA beam intensity, 10–20 µm spot size. Analytical error: <3% for all elements; c. 10% for Th and U.

  • *Plagioclase-hosted melt inclusions.