Table 8.

Results of calculations on solid-melt-fluid equilibrium obtained by means of reaction (7) representative of the olivine-clinopyroxene cotectic relationship in scorias. Model acronyms as in Table 6

SampleP(MPa)T(°C)GraphicGraphicH2Owt%CO2wt%logfO2log aSiO2awaFo(sol)aFo(liq)aDiaWo(liq)Graphic
ST182 scoria 10a 7611460.0200.9800.400.036−8.180−0.3940.0030.6700.0430.8060.09979.618
ST182 scoria 16c 5911200.2120.7881.100.027−8.506−0.3880.0220.6730.0400.8070.08781.418
ST177 scoria 4e10011440.0360.9640.600.047−8.194−0.4090.0080.6690.0410.8060.10379.751
  • HS: Hübner & Sato (1970) taking into account the effects of pressure on the Ni–NiO buffer according to the data of R: Robie et al. (1979); GS: Ghiorso & Sack (1995); D: Dixon (1997); G: Gasparik (1990)