Table 1.

Units and conversions in the Système Internationale d’unités (SI) and the old CGS

Energy107 erg1 joule (J)
Force (F)105 dyne1 Newton (N)
Current (I)0.1 adamp1 ampere (A)
Magentic Inducion (B)104 gauss (G)1 Tesla (T)
Magnetic Field (H)4π × 10−3 oersted (Oe)1 A m−1
Magnetic Moment (M)103 emu1 A m2
Magnetization/volume (m)10−3 emu ( = G cm−3)1 A m−1
Magnetization/mass (J)1 emu g−1 or G cm−3 g−11 A m2 kg−1
Magnetic susceptibility/volume (κ)DimensionlessDimensionless
Magnetic susceptibility/mass (χ)10−3 cm3 g−11 m3 kg−1
  • From Butler (1992) and Collinston (1983).