Table 1.

Set-up of the three models (A, B and C) used in the modelling investigations (Fig. 1)

Model AModel BModel C
DescriptionSingle-catchment modelThree-catchment modelThree-catchment model with shorter river
DiagramFig. 1aFig. 1bFig. 1c
Model layersSingle layer
Grid size250×250 m
BoundariesNo-flow boundaries on all four sides
Base of aquiferElevation of base of aquifer=0 m
Model domain (length×width)5×5 km15×5 km5×5 km
Location (and length) of riversx=2500 m (5 km)x=2500 m (5 km)x=2500 m (4 km)
x=7500 m (5 km)
x=12 500 m (5 km)
Abstraction well250 m from the river250 m from the central river250 m from the river