Table 1.

Summary of the geology of the Permo-Triassic of the Staffordshire–Worcester Basin (from Allen et al. 1997; Soley et al. 2001)

Mercia MudstoneMudstone with some thin beds of fine-grained sandstone
BromsgroveFluviatile upward fining units, consisting of sandstone at base and mudstone at the top
TriassicWildmoorDominantly fluviatile, weakly cemented fine-grained sandstones, with some laterally continuous mudstone horizons, particularly at the top of the formation
KidderminsterFluviatile sequence, interbedded conglomerates and fine-medium grained sandstone. Conglomerates are dominant at the base and can have strong calcite cement
PermianBridgnorthUniform fine to medium-grained aeolian sandstone, weakly cemented