Table 4.

Tiered guidance and modelling tools for groundwater resources and contaminant modelling components of integrated catchment management (after Farrell & Whiteman 2008a)

Complexity/costWater resourcesGroundwater contamination
SimpleConceptual modelling Guidance (Environment Agency 2002a)Conceptual modelling (Environment Agency 2001b)
Simple risk screening tools, for example Water Resources GIS risk engineGroundwater vulnerability maps
Simple/analytical (deterministic) models for example IGARF (Environment Agency 2001a)Analytical (deterministic) models for example Remedial Targets Method (Carey et al. 2006)
Analytical (probabilistic) code (rarely used)Analytical (probabilistic) code for example ConSim (Environment Agency 2003)
ComplexNumerical models for example MODFLOW (McDonald & Harbaugh 1988)Numerical models (rarely used) for example MODFLOW+MT3D (Zheng 1990)