Table 4.

Summary of activities by Royal Engineer Boring Sections in the Middle East, from 1940 to August 1942

LocationNumber of holesNumber successfulCumulative length (m)Average length (m)Aggregate yield (l s−1)
Western Desert, west of Burg el Arab: attempts for water11651515044.544
Western Desert: exploratory holes for aqueducts, structure and ground conditions326448413.7
Egypt, excluding Western Desert: attempts for water9347341036.6139
Egypt, excluding Western Desert: site investigation for docks, earth holes, soakaways, training holes139337028.3
Wadi Natrun: mineral exploration25010254.1
Rest of Middle East (i.e. Cyprus, Sudan, Palestine, Trans-Jordan, Syria): attempts for water9658398341.588
Rest of Middle East: exploratory bores, etc.1232426.8
Total103215621 74621.0271
  • Note 1: These figures are derived from the work of Nos. 1, 3, 5 and 6 Boring Sections Royal Engineers, No. 36 Water Supply Company South African Engineer Corps, and part of No. 1 Australian Boring Section.

  • Note 2: Additionally, these units were involved in tasks associated with construction of aqueducts, development of springs, adit driving, pipe work, pump installations and maintenance, and plant and vehicle maintenance.

  • Note 3: Data are from appendix 8 within the report preserved as National Archives file WO 201/2812.