Table 3.

Officers commanding Royal Engineers Boring Sections 1939–1945

Section no.Officer commandingIn fromStartFinishOut toFGS
1G.R.S. Stow (ex TA)Stow & CoSep 39Dec 41Promotion1939
W.J. Stone (ex TA)No. 4Dec 41Mar 432i/c 797 Coy1951
T.B.C. HarrisNo. 3Mar 43Dec 45Release
W.E.P. Moon?Dec 45Jan 46Disbanded
2P.C.A. WatsonLe Grand et al.?Oct 39Jan 43No. 9
A.E.S. Shawyer?Jan 43Feb 46Disbanded
3J.H. ElliottDuke & Ockenden?Feb 40Mar 43OC 798 Coy1946
R.C. SparkesNo. 3Mar 43Aug 43
F.G. BurslemNo. 6Aug 43Feb 44
R.H. Dickinson SAEC?Feb 44Jan 45
W.J. Stone?Jan 45May 451951
E.O. LundholmNo. 5Jun 45Dec 451945
W.A. ScottNo. 3Dec 45Jun 46+
4W.J. Stone (ex TA)Le Grand et al.?Feb 40Dec 411951
[Reduced to cadre: no commanding officer Dec 41–Apr 43]
R.C. PagetNo. 4 after 5Apr 43Jul 44Disbanded
5H.D. Stow, MC (ex Sup Res)No. 1Aug 40May 44UK on ill health
A.G. BarnesNo. 5 after 2May 44Oct 44
A.W. LoftsNo. 5 after RAOct 44Feb 45Reverted to 2i/c1946
J.P. DabellBase DepotFeb 45Aug 45Posted to GHQ1954
A.W. LoftsNo. 5, now REAug 45Nov 45Release1946
D. FieldNo. 5Dec 45Jun 46Disbanded1942
6E.K. Sargison?Jul 40Dec 40
J.P. DabellNo. 6Dec 40Mar 432i/c 798 Coy1954
F.G. Burslem?Apr 43Aug 43No. 3
R.C. SparkesNo. 3Aug 43Jun 46Disbanded
7A.H. Stow (ex TA)No. 3Jan 41Oct 41
A.H. KneenNo. 2Oct 41Jun 45Release1957
T.O. MorrisNo. 7Jun 45Dec 45Disbanded1926
8P. Brunt?Feb 42Sep 42
W. Moore, MCNo. 2Sep 42Mar 43
E.L. Healey?Mar 43Aug 45Release
A.M. GreenNo. 8 after DepotAug 45Unknown
9P.C.A. WatsonNo. 2Jan 43Apr 44+
10A.C. Anderson?May 43Jan 44To stay in Egypt
J.P. Dabell798 Bor CoyJan 44Oct 44Posted to HE1954
P.E. BuggNo. 10Oct 44Mar 45Posted to UK
A.G. Barnes?Mar 45Aug 45Disbanded
  • Note: Data compiled from War Diaries (Table 1) except for date of election to Fellowship of the Geological Society of London: from Society records. Officers Commanding the Boring Sections were generally granted war substantive rank of second lieutenant or lieutenant in the Army Officers Emergency Reserve, but held ‘temporary’ or ‘acting (unpaid)’ rank as captain while in appointment. G.R.S. Stow and W.J. Stone held commissions in the Territorial Army (TA) Reserve of Officers and H.D. Stow in the Supplementary Reserve at the beginning of the war. Apart from R.H. Dickinson (of the South African Engineer Corps), all Boring Section officers on appointment if not attachment held commissions in the Royal Engineers: A.W. Lofts transferred from the Royal Artillery, W. Moore from the infantry (5th Battalion, South Wales Borderers), and there were several such transfers among more junior officers. Many officers were relatively old for their junior rank; for example, at the start of the war, A.W. Lofts was 32, G.R.S. Stow 34, T.O. Morris was 35, W.J. Stone was 36, A.H.T. Kneen was 38, J.H. Elliott was 41, E.L. Healey was 41 and R.C. Sparkes was 45 (according to Geological Society records or ages given in War Diaries for 1945).