Table 1.

Correlations between diversity parameters and sampling probability

Δ Raw diversity v. Δ R0.839*0.001
Δ OW diversity v. Δ R0.0560.869
Δ Raw origination v. Δ R0.2640.435
Δ Origination v. Δ R0.5180.107
Δ Raw extinction v. Δ R0.782*0.007
Δ Extinction v. Δ R0.762*0.006
Δ βsim v. Δ R0.4550.140
  • Spearman's rank-order correlation coefficients between raw and sampling standardized diversity parameters on the one hand (sampling standardized unless stated), and sampling probability (R) on the other. An asterisk indicates correlations that remain significant at P<0.05 after correction for the effects of multiple comparisons.