Table 7.

Correlations of dinosaur and mysticete taxonomic and phylogenetic diversities with different measures of sampling

TaxonCorrelationSpearman's ρP
DinosauriaGDE:PDE v. DBF−0.390.047*
GDE:PDE v. DBL−0.370.060
GDE:PDE v. Palaeoarea−0.300.138
TDE v. DBF0.910.000**
TDE v. DBL0.880.000**
TDE v. Palaeoarea0.730.000**
PDE v. DBF0.800.000**
PDE v. DBL0.760.000**
PDE v. Palaeoarea0.700.000**
GDE v. DBF0.710.000**
GDE v. DBL0.660.000**
GDE v. Palaeoarea0.660.000**
GD GDE:PDE v. DBF−0.640.000**
GD GDE:PDE v. DBL−0.650.000**
GD GDE:PDE v. Palaeoarea−0.510.010*
GD TDE v. DBF0.800.000**
GD TDE v. DBL0.820.000**
GD TDE v. Palaeoarea0.730.000**
GD PDE v. DBF0.670.000**
GD PDE v. DBL0.780.000**
GD PDE v. Palaeoarea0.630.001**
GD GDE v. DBF0.550.006*
GD GDE v. DBL0.640.000**
GD GDE v. Palaeoarea0.480.016*
MysticetiTDE v. strict FFC0.640.035*
PDE v. strict FFC0.300.366
TDE v. wider FFC0.710.015*
PDE v. wider FFC0.170.610
TDE v. comprehensive FFC0.400.227
PDE v. comprehensive FFC−0.230.503
GD TDE v. strict FFC−0.010.973
GD PDE v. strict FFC−0.600.067
GD TDE v. wider FFC0.500.144
GD PDE v. wider FFC−0.530.105
GD TDE v. comprehensive FFC0.390.248
GD PDE v. comprehensive FFC−0.330.330
  • Abbreviations: DBF, dinosaur-bearing formations; DBL, dinosaur-bearing localities; FFC, fossiliferous formation count; GD, generalized differences (McKinney 1990); PDE, phylogenetic diversity estimate; TDE, taxonomic diversity estimate; strict FFC, number of formations from which the taxa in the tree were recovered; wider FFC, total number of cetacean-bearing formations, as downloaded from the PaleoDB; comprehensive FFC, total number of marine fossiliferous formations as downloaded from the PaleoDB.

  • Probabilities (P) for each correlation measure are given, and these are marked as significant (P<0.05*) and highly significant (P<0.005**).