Table 5.

Correlations of archosaurian ghost ranges (GDE, Ghost range diversity estimate) with counts of restricted and all archosaur-bearing and all tetrapod-bearing formations (strict, wider, and comprehensive FFCs) for the Brusatte et al. (2010) study of Triassic archosaur phylogeny, showing rank-order correlations for the raw data and for first differences (FD). Taxon diversity estimates (TDE) and phylogenetic diversity estimates (PDE=TDE+GDE) are also compared with the three formation counts

Spearman's ρP
GDE v. Strict FFC−0.410.237
GDE v. Wider FFC−0.860.001**
GDE v. Comprehensive FFC−0.340.337
GDE v. FD strict FFC0.200.577
GDE v. FD wider FFC0.150.681
GDE v. FD comprehensive FFC0.270.451
TDE v. Strict FFC0.790.006
TDE v. Wider FFC0.570.088
TDE v. Comprehensive FFC−0.020.947
PDE v. Strict FFC0.400.249
PDE v. Wider FFC−0.270.443
PDE v. Comprehensive FFC−0.240.498