Table 8.

Estimated best-fit model parameters for the neocete, mysticete and odontocete datasets, as reported by Marx & Uhen (2010)

Neoceti sampled in binNeoceti ranged throughMysticeti sampled in binOdontoceti sampled in bin
st. dur.−0.0470.189−0.0680.1670.0960.0230.0490.166
  • Explanation of terms: δ18O, oxygen isotope records used as proxy for climate change; diatom, diatom species diversity (Neptune database); rock, total number of fossiliferous marine formations as downloaded from the Paleobiology Database; st. dur., geological stage duration; the latter was included as a non-optional predictor in all models on order to account for the potentially biasing effects of unequal Caenozoic stage durations. Based on data from Marx & Uhen (2010).