Table 2.

Summary of palaeomagnetic remanence directions

UnitSample labelsnD (°)I (°)Kα95 (°)Polarity
2a (Tephrite)(LGC071-072A,B)21901066010R
1b weathered lava(LGC051-053A,B)6192101017R
1a (Trachyandesite)(LGC041-042A,B)4190928642R
Mean of MGA-112191102033R
2a (Tephrite)(LGC063-064A,B)418772246R
1b (palaeosol)(LGC901X-915X)14191121743R
1a lava(LGC061-062A,B)419091418R
Mean of MGA-222190111553R
  • Abbreviations: n, number of samples; D and I, declination and inclination of mean remanence direction; k, precision parameter; α95, circle of confidence (P=0.05); R, reverse magnetization). Present Earth's Field (PEF) directions at the sampling site: D=0°, I=−22°. The mean inclination expected for a Geocentric Axial Dipole (GAD) field for this locality is −0.6°. Sampling latitude=0.3°S and longitude=37.8°E.