Table 1.

Summary of onshore fault systems

Basement terraneFault setKinematicsFault characteristicsInterpreted ageExamples
Caledonian ForelandNE–SWNormal & strike-slip (dextral)Red sedimentary breccia infill, Cataclasis & fault gougePermo-Triassic
  • Sango Bay Fault (Durness)

ESE–WNWNormal & strike-slip (sinistral)Red sedimentary breccia infill Red fault gougePermo-Triassic
  • Faraid Head & Cape Wrath Faults

Moine NappeNNW–SSE (from NW–SE to north–south)Normal (& dextral oblique-/strike-slip)Bounding sedimentary outliers. Pre-dates syenite-bearing sediment deposition at Coldbackie Extension pre-dates strike-slip movements Locally reactivates basement fabricsDevonian (reactivated in Permo-Triassic)
  • Ben Hutig Fault

  • Watch Hill Fault

  • Kirtomy Fault

  • Strathy Point Fault

NE–SWNormalReddened cataclasite breccias (and gouge on LLF), calcite veining (Glaisgo)Permo-Triassic
  • Loch Loyal Fault

  • Glaisgeo exposures

ENE–WSW to east–westNormal & sinistral oblique-slipCalcite veining & crystal growth (Kirtomy)Permo-Triassic
  • Intrabasin Faults at Kirtomy

  • Betty Hill Fault

ESE–WNWNormal (observed) & sinistral-oblique slip (inferred)Inferred near-shore fault zone, cross-cuts Watch Hill Fault and cover sediments on Eilean nan RonPermo-Triassic (or younger?)
  • Skerray Fault

  • Eilean nan Ron

  • Coldbackie beach exposures