Table 1.

Summary of the Caledonian and pre-Caledonian history of the Moine rocks of the Northern Highlands of Scotland. Timing based on isotopic dates quoted in the text

430–390 MaEmplacement of granites and sinistral displacements along the Great Glen Fault system.
435–425 MaScandian orogenic event – mid- to low amphibolite facies metamorphism, widespread ductile thrusting and folding, culminating in development of the Moine Thrust Zone.
470–460 MaGrampian orogenic event – mid- to upper amphibolite facies metamorphism and deformation of the eastern Moines above the Sgurr Beag and Naver thrusts.
600–590 MaIntrusion of augen granites (e.g. Inchbae) during continental rifting and development of the Iapetus Ocean.
820–730 MaKnoydartian orogenic event(s) – garnet grade metamorphism, isoclinal folding, intrusion of pegmatites.
870 MaIntrusion of amphibolites and the granitic protoliths of the West Highland Granitic Gneiss – during an orogenic event or during crustal extension and development of the Moine sedimentary basin?
1000–870(?) MaDeposition of Moine sediments.