Table 1.

Model parameters and boundary conditions for the reference model

Model parameter/boundary conditionValue
Denudation rate (mm year−1)1
Flow material parameters:
Conductivity, C1 (m s−1)5×10−9
Conductivity in the fault zone, Cf (m s−1)1×10−6
Heat material parameters:
Porosity, P10.01
Porosity in the fault zone, Pf0.1
Capacity fluid (106 J/m3/K)4.2
Capacity solid (106 J/m3/K)2.52
Conductivity fluid (J/m/s/K)0.65
Conductivity solid (J/m/s/K)2.8
Radiogenic heat production (µW m−3)4
Boundary conditions:
Hydraulic head difference, hmhf (m)1000
Temperature at the surface, Ts (°C)10
Basal heat flux, B (mW m−2)85