Table 8.

Viscosities (Pa s) calculated at 1200, 1150 and 1100 °C using the modified TVF Equation 5

Pumice April 2003dLava 2003e
T (°C)120011501100120011501100
η meltdrya (Pa s)1.6×1023.0×1026.2×1024.0×1027.5×1021.6×103
η meltdryxxb (Pa s)2.0×1033.7×1037.6×1038.0×1031.5×1043.1×104
η melthydrousc (Pa s)1.1×1012.0×1014.1×1012.2×1014.2×1018.7×101
η melthydrousxxb (Pa s)1.3×1022.5×1025.0×1024.5×1028.4×1021.7×103
  • aViscosity of the anhydrous liquid phase calculated using the mod-TVF Equation 5; bviscosity calculated applying Pinkerton & Stevenson (1992), taking into account ϕxx (see Table 6); cviscosity of the hydrous liquid phase (2 wt% H2O) calculated using the mod-TVF Equation 5. dAverage of analyses 12–17 in Table 5. eAverage of analyses 1–6 in Table 5.