TableĀ 1.

The memorable highlights and achievements of Maria Ogilvie Gordon (after Burek 2004, 2005)

1893First woman to receive a DSc from University of London
1900First woman to receive a PhD from Munich University
19 published papers, many in German
1901English translation of Zittel's German History of Geology
1908Publishes Handbook of Employment for Boys and Girls
1916President of the National Council of Women of Great Britain and Ireland
1919Formed the Council for the representation of women in the League of Nations
1919In first group of women to be elected to the Geological Society of London
1920First JP and chairman of the Marylebone Court of Justice
1928First geological guidebooks to the Dolomites
Honorary membership of the University of Innsbruck
Honorary correspondent of the Geological Survey of Austria
1931First female honorary member of the Geological Survey of Austria Institute
1932Received Lyell Medal from Geological Society of London
1935DBE from King George V
Honorary LL.B degree from Edinburgh University
1939Died in London; ashes buried in Aberdeen with her husband
2000A new fern genus named after Maria Gordon. The type specimen is called Gordonopteris lorigae; a tripinnate fern frond with aphlebia absent from the bases of the pinnae of the first and second order with small pinnules.